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    1. This entire clinic is so kind, professional and timely. Such a smart staff...

    2. Wendy Marie Seyb Google

    1. Dr. Shankle is easily the most knowledgeable and professional Neurologist I have been to

    2. Verified Patient Vitals

    1. Dr. Shankle is a brilliant doctor who is both personable and kind. I feel very fortunate

    2. Missy Brix Google

    1. The Shankle Clinic is one of the best doctors offices I have used.

    2. Caroline Handy Google

    1. Dr. Shankle is probably my favorite doctor ever.

    2. Wendy Swenson Google


To serve our patients with the most advanced and forward-looking treatments around cognitive impairment in a considerate, friendly, accessible, and patient-centric environment.



To find pathways, through active research, for the prevention, or cure, of mild-to-severe cognitive impairment.


Integrity, transparency, respect, compassion, collaboration.







Shankle Clinic
3900 West Coast Highway, Suite 310
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Phone: 949-478-8858
Fax: 949-242-2465

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