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Memory Loss Specialist

Shankle Clinic

Neurology Specialists located in Newport Beach, CA

If you’ve been having trouble remembering names or are constantly misplacing objects, you may worry that your memory loss is caused by early Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. However, the experts at Shankle Clinic know that memory loss can be influenced by everything from hormonal imbalances to chronic kidney disease. William Shankle, MS, MD, FACP, and his team determine the source of your memory loss and devise strategies to manage, halt, or reverse it. To feel like yourself again, contact Shankle Clinic located within the Hoag Neurosciences Institute in Newport Beach, California. You can set up your visit by phone or online.

Memory Loss Q & A

Is memory loss a sign of dementia?

As you get older, it’s natural to panic when you can’t remember a name or a word. Even young people have memory lapses, but we’re more attuned to them as we age.

However, if you’re having trouble functioning in your daily life or feel like you’re walking around in a fog, a memory loss evaluation at Shankle Clinic gives you the answers you need to either improve your memory or treat the condition that’s causing your difficulty.

What causes memory loss?

While Alzheimer’s disease is the best known and most feared cause of memory loss and accounts for about 60-80% of cases of cognitive impairment, only one in 10 older adults develops it.

The other 20-40% of cases involving significant memory loss and cognitive impairment is caused by a variety of medical conditions, neurodegenerative disorders, and even nutritional deficiencies. 

Some common reasons why you’re having trouble remembering could be:

  • Vitamins B-12, D, B6, or folate deficiencies
  • Hormone imbalance, such as menopause or andropause
  • Head injury or concussion
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Kidney, heart, or liver disease
  • Brain tumors, clots, or infection
  • Chronic pain or cancer pain
  • Medication side effects
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Alcoholism
  • Sleep apnea 
  • Obesity

You may choose to bring a family member or friend to your memory loss evaluation, particularly if they’re familiar with your struggles involving memory and cognition.

How do doctors treat memory loss?

At Shankle Clinic, the expert team ensures you undergo a comprehensive evaluation to determine the reasons for your memory loss. In addition to taking a complete personal and family history, they conduct a physical exam and administer tests, such as:

  • Memory tests
  • Blood tests
  • Brain-imaging studies

Once your doctor determines why you’re having trouble with your memory, they devise a treatment plan. If your memory loss is related to a health condition, they may recommend lifestyle changes, such as losing weight and getting more exercise and sleep. 

If you have a neurodegenerative disease, your doctor may recommend medications to slow or stop your memory loss. They may also recommend cognitive and occupational therapies.

Find out what’s causing your memory loss by contacting Shankle Clinic today. Phone the friendly office staff or use the online contact form.