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Ivy Meeks

located in Newport Beach, CA

About Meeks

Ivy Meeks (Assistant Clinical Manager):

Ivy has had the pleasure of coordinating clinic flow and care for patients of The Shankle Clinic since 2018. She is currently pursuing her passion to help those in need, and has been accepted into the rigorous and innovative RN program at Stanbridge University. She assists patients with scheduling appointments, providing an explanation of orders, communicating patient needs and concerns with the providers and directing patient flow. Additionally, she organizes and schedules necessary practitioner meetings with local care partners such as liaisons for hospice, home health, and palliative care. Ivy and Sierra work hand-in-hand to provide the highest quality of care that families can put their trust in.

Insurance Coverage

Medicare Our office accepts Medicare, which means that we accept the Medicare fee schedule. Medicare usually pays 80% of their allowed fee. The patient is responsible for any remaining allowed amount including their deductible. If you are covered by a secondary insurance carrier, we will submit a claim to them after Medicare has processed the claim. PPO / Private Insurances We are "out of network"/"non-participating" for most PPO or private insurances. Insurance companies typically reimburse "out of network"/"non-participating" providers at a lower rate. The patient is responsible for the difference between the billed amount and the amount that is paid by the insurance carrier. *We recommend that you check with your insurance carrier about your individual coverage. HMO's We are not a provider for any HMO and do not accept any HMO insurances. If you wish to see our physicians you will be considered a cash patient and will be responsible for the entire visit including any testing.

Blue Cross
Hoag Affiliated